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Trekta C++ Course

Version # 20140619.0951


This course on C++ is not an elaborate writing, just the skeleton for a systematic walk through the subject.

Falls sich Landkarte und Gelände unterscheiden,
verlassen Sie sich aufs Gelände.
Aphorismus der Schweizer Armee,
found in Bjarne Stroustrup: Design und Entwicklung
von C++, ISBN3-89319-755-9 page 137

Part One - Beginners The basic features of C++ :   Intro   IDEs   Keywords   Operators   Variables   Functions   Syntax   IO   Classes   Members   Access   Inheritance   Virtuality   Initialisation   Pointers  
Part Two - Advanced Advanced features of C++ :   Libraries   Static   Abstract   Interfaces   Multi-inherit   Operator Overload   Templates   Streams   Exceptions  
Part Three - Appendices Additional material :   Pecularities   Family   Comparison   Products   Books   Glossary   Demo   Notes  

The course as PDF is here: trekta-cpp-course-20140423.pdf (~500 KB, ~90 pages).

This course is accompanied by the Ballist C++ Demo Project, which can be downloaded as ballist‑0.0.5.zip (61 KB). Or you can checkout the recent version from the Subversion repository http://www.trekta.biz/svn/ballist/trunk.

You are invited to join the project.

Imprint : www.trilo.de/imprint.en.html