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Logo 'Incandescent Light Bulb'

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The ever uncomplete Das immer unvollständige
Trekta Bestiary Trekta Bestiarium
(or 'Demomatrix') (oder Demomatrix)

This pages store a loose collection of programming topics, they are my everyday programming work by-product, a kind of holographic view on the programming languages. In other words: they are my dumping ground to quickly store most various snippets. Diese Seiten enthalten eine lose Sammlung von Programmierthemen, sie sind das Nebenprodukt meiner tägliche Programmierarbeit, eine Art holographischer Blick auf die Programmiersprachen. Mit anderen Worten: sie sind mein Müllabladeplatz, um auf die Schnelle die verschiedensten Schnipsel zu speichern.

Navigate through topics with the horizontal menu on the top. Navigate through languages with the vertical menu on the right side. Navigieren Sie durch Themen mit dem horizontalen Menü oben. Navigieren Sie durch Sprachen mit dem vertikalen Menü auf der rechten Seite.

Mermaid icon'


The mermaid is the tamer of the beasts. She guides you through the circus, presenting general considerations on the beast's features.

Icon 'Green Bacterium'


Assembler is a protozoa, consisting of only one tiny cell. One assembler line performs one processor instruction, so a simple task like an addition requires a whole subroutine on it's own right.

Gray mouse logo


C is a tiny beast, but ubiquitous. It reaches everywhere, can do every task, is not dead even today (2018). It is a bit like the mother of all vertebrates (higher level programming languages).

Hydra icon


C++ is the hydra. It is the mightiest beast, nearly untameable. If you think you cut off one of it's heads, two others will grow instead.

Rooster logo


C-Sharp is the proud rooster, the multicolored latest beast on the desktop. It is quickly tamed, useful and cooperative.

Icon Donkey Brown


HTML is the pegasus, it is born to fly through the internet and spread information. HTML is not a programming language but a markup language, you need it to create websites.

Icon Tardigradus


The usual logo for Java is a cup of coffee, just we need a beast here. So we choose the slow loris, a beast which lives in Java and likes to eat coffee plants. As opposed to the slow lori, Java is not threatened with extinction.

Bird looking over it's shoulder


JavaScript is a bird. It is leightweight and it comes to you flying through the internet air.

Icon Penguin Pierre


The usual logo for Linux is a penguin. I choose one with a scarf, because coming from Windows, I have to dress warmly. (The chapter is pretty empty yet.)

Chapter-Icon Sinopterus


ObjectPAL is the sinopterus, one extinct flying beast. ObjectPAL is part of the Paradox database, it has a C-like Syntax, it is a very nice language, but sorrily dead. (Chapter is pretty empty yet.)

Page Icon Bee


Perl is the busy bee, communicating via it's cryptic bee dance, not so easy to understand for beginners. This is a conglomeration of Perl topics I come across over time.

ElePHPant logo


PHP is the elephant on the servers, the ubiquitous friendly working beast for heavy load. As opposed to it's siblings in the wilderness, PHP on the servers is not threatened with extinction. (Chapter is pretty empty yet.)

Page icon Unicorn


PowerShell is given the unicorn . PoSh is meant the secret weapon for all Windows administrative tasks and more. The unicorn lives only in certain areas of the world. (The chapters are pretty empty yet.)

Knotted Serpent Logo


Python has a python as it's animal. (Chapter is empty yet.)

Lady Bug Icon


The Ruby logo is usually a red gem. Wanting an animal here, we choose a shiny red lady bug. (Chapter is pretty empty yet.)

Chapter-icon Squirrel


SQL is the squirrel. It is hard-working to collect and store countless nuts (records) before the winter. And astonishingly, if the winter is over (when the user comes back later), it finds all the nuts again. (Not much inside this chapter yet.)

Icon ''


This is something like a higher level language compliling to pure JavaScript code. (Totally empty.)

Wolpertinger icon

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is the wolpertinger, really. It has wings, fangs, antlers, it is ugly but mighty. VB is based on various ancestries and dedicated to various purposes, like Jack of all trades. (Chapter is pretty empty yet.)

Logo VBA Hamster


VBA is designed to be domesticated for beginners, like the hamster, which often is the first pet for a child. It can accommodate many tasks with it's chubby cheeks. Note, that VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is not the same as VB. Chapter is pretty empty.

Spider icon


The net is created by a spider of course. I know, the spider is a scary picture for some of you, but what else animal could better represent a net. This chapters are about internet, network, webpages and the like. (Not much in there.)

Chapterlogo Peacock Butterfly


Windows is a beautiful colored beast, made to be found attractive by most people. Thus it got the butterfly. (Not much in there.)

Fibonacci Grasshopper icon


XML is strong in mediating between languages and platforms. It is hopping from place to place like a grasshopper. It is not a programming but a markup language. (Pretty empty yet.)

This pages are under ongoing development. Disruptions are to be expected. Diese Seiten befinden sich in dauernder Entwicklung. Störungen sind zu erwarten.

This chapters are not elaborate writings, just a skeletons for a systematic walk through each subject.

Note for quibblers. The name 'Demomatrix' can be a bit misleading, as this is not one demo for matrices, but one matrix for demos. Thus, to be precise, the name should rather be Demosmatrix. Hinweis für Wortklauber. Der Name 'Demomatrix' kann en bisschen irreführend, denn es ist nicht eine Demo für Matrizen, sondern eine Matrix für Demos. Also, um genau zu sein, sollte der Name besser Demosmatrix sein.

Note. The matrix I had originally in mind, is archived in chapter General → More → Old Matrix 1 and Old Matrix 2 . Anmerkung. Die Matrix wie ich sie mir ursprünglich vorgestellt hatte, ist archiviert in Kapitel Allgemein → Mehr → Old Matrix 1 und Old Matrix 2 .

Bye. Tschüss.

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